It is far from enough that bus safety precautions are closely related to automatic breakers
Jan 06, 2019

Although it is a legal society, it is unavoidable that some illegal elements exist. In order to achieve serious consequences, they often choose buses with large numbers of people. Looking back on the past few years, there have been many cases of arson on public transport in China, and many innocent lives have suffered as a result.

Previously, our country's buses were equipped with escape hammers, but often when critical situations occur, people are very panicky, do not even consciously use the survival hammer, and people in high tension, also do not have the strength to use the escape hammer.

Looking back on last year's bus arson in Xiamen, 47 people died because of the sealed windows. When the accident happened, people still rushed to the door. On the other hand, if we could break the window in the first time, there would surely not be so many innocent lives. What is an automatic glass breaker and how to use it? Generally, automatic glass breakers are only used in times of crisis. As long as the driver operates on the cockpit button, there will be numerous fine lines on the glass in an instant. As long as the passengers reach out and push, the road for immediate survival is in front of them. But it is not enough to rely solely on the automatic glass breaker. We should popularize the safety awareness of the citizens. We must do a good job of demonstrating in our public places. The best demonstration is on the mobile TV of the public transport, which is broadcast repeatedly, so that every passenger can bear in mind.

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