Interpretation: Technical Application Requirements for Vehicle DVR Monitoring in Various Areas
Jan 07, 2019

With the continuous development and improvement of video surveillance technology in recent years, and gradually entering a mature stage, vehicle DVR technology has been widely used in various fields. There are many kinds of on-board DVR on the market, and the characteristics of DVR products are different.

Vehicle DVR belongs to the subdivision market of traditional embedded hard disk video recorders. It is a new special product developed with the application of digital video and audio coding technology and vehicle. It plays an important role in every application field.

Technical application requirements of on-board DVR:

1. For small-scale applications, the main focus is on the monitoring of independent users, such as residential areas, supermarkets, chain stores, buildings, small and medium-sized factories and enterprises. The application of such users requires DVR to have a higher degree of integration. The system takes DVR as the core and reduces the investment of peripheral equipment as much as possible. Moreover, the interface design of DVR needs to be simpler, and the operation interface needs to be simpler and more humanized, so as to better adapt to the use habits of ordinary users. For small-scale users, they are relatively sensitive to the price of DVR products, but for DVR manufacturers, this field is a very huge market, so small profits and high sales are the main sales strategies of such DVR manufacturers.

2. For large-scale applications, they mainly focus on large-scale Internet users such as road monitoring, banking, urban construction and so on. Such users require more professional design and more flexibility for DVR products, including hardware and software interfaces; they often take platform software running on high-performance servers as the core, through monitoring platform to complete the management of equipment and users in the system. The design of DVR depends on the role of DVR in the system. In such a large video surveillance system, video coding, storage, decoding and displaying, and code stream forwarding are often accomplished by different independent units. At the same time, in a system, different brands of DVR may be used, and the central management platform must be able to achieve compatibility with the products of different manufacturers. This puts forward higher requirements for the design of platform software.

With the continuous development of DVR technology, more and more DVR products will be applied in the industry. DVR products in different application areas will also show different characteristics. Only products that truly meet the application needs of the industry can finally occupy the market.

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