How to Select Serial Port Camera
Jan 09, 2019

Serial camera, as a rising star of security monitoring, has developed rapidly in recent years. Serial camera is currently used in GPS platform management system, car monitoring, security, remote monitoring, visual doorbell and other fields. The most widely used are GPS on-board and remote monitoring. The selection of serial camera is mainly the following aspects.

1:GPS Protocol Matching

According to the GPS terminal host to match the camera protocol, our communication protocol is flexible and convenient. At present, it supports compatible with more than 30 GPS host protocols and self-active and passive protocols. Supports all the current mainstream GPS and Beidou terminal communication protocols, and can customize the protocols and functions according to the specific requirements of customers, for secondary development;

2: Serial Port Camera Interface

Serial cameras generally have three interfaces: RS-232, RS-485 and TTL. At present, there are many RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces for serial cameras in the market. RS-232 interface and simple image transmission protocol enable cameras to connect with computers in various embedded systems. Data transmission rates as stipulated in RS232 standard are 4800, 9600, 38400, 57600 and 115200 baud per second, while serial cameras can connect with computers in various embedded systems. Port cameras use a baud rate of 9600 and 115200.

3: Serial Camera Pixels

The pixels of serial camera are 300,000,300,000,000,000 and 2,000,000 pixels. At present, the largest number of serial camera is GPS terminal monitoring. They are all close-range monitoring, such as in-car monitoring of buses, car rental cars and buses. The 300,000-pixel camera is basically possible. It can take pictures inside and outside the car clearly, and compress and transmit them to the GPS platform. It can be used in the GPS platform. You can see the pictures clearly.

4: Serial Port Camera Output

Camera output is mainly digital information output and digital analog signal dual output, digital output is mainly used in GPS vehicle monitoring, bus, taxi and bus remote monitoring, digital analog serial dual output is currently used in driving school training and examination projects more;

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