How to Realize the Glass Breaker
Jan 06, 2019

There are many manufacturers of glass breakers, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I think Shenzhen has done a better job in the public traffic safety industry. First of all, the relevant departments can attach importance to public traffic safety and give Shenzhen citizens a safe driving environment. In Shenzhen, we can see the red box on the emergency window of many buses. This is the glass breaker. The red box is controlled by a central controller. The trigger connecting the central control and the glass breaker is a special wire. Such wire is impossible to burn under 200 degrees of open fire. In case of disaster or accident, the bus is impossible in the first few seconds. At this temperature, that is to say, the signal can be sent to the breaking device and perform the breaking operation before the central controller sends the breaking instruction to the breaking device.

In terms of operation, considering the actual situation, the glass breaker is operated by a designated person, who is familiar with the configuration information of the bus, can handle calmly when encountering disasters or accidents, and has enough operating space, so the driver is the only person. As long as the driver is taught how to send out the breaking instructions, which can open the multi-escape channel at the same time.

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