How to judge Which GPS car navigation device is good
Jan 17, 2019

Analysis: How to judge "Which GPS car navigation device is good"

      For how to buy a car GPS navigator, the car modification Wang Lei master summarizes some of the experience and skills of buying a car navigation device, now come out to share with you, I hope to help car owners to buy car navigation.
      Step 1, look at the car navigation device search ability
      Generally, a bad navigator can search a lot of satellites, which also shows that his ability to receive signals is strong, his working condition is also very stable, and a good navigator is very fast when searching for stars, usually up to one minute. And those cottage products are very slow to search for stars, and there are more pitfalls that sometimes go to the destination and have not found the star, this kind of navigator is helping.
      Step 2, look at the car navigator work and materials
      Generally, the work and materials used by big brands are better, and the guarantees of the navigators bought are better. For example, the quality of the antenna will affect the speed of the search star, and the stability of the work, as well as the radiation intensity of the navigator is particularly important, while the cottage navigation device usually uses a hand-compulsory workshop, quality and after-sales service are not guaranteed, the owner chooses Attention should be paid to breaking up the work and materials of these key components.
      Step 3, look at the car navigator map
      The navigation device is not allowed, there will be errors, the map is very important. First of all, the maps used by the brand navigator are all genuine maps, while the placards are used for miscellaneous or cottage machines. Therefore, when the owner chooses the navigator, remember to ask the agency agent, the navigator is a genuine map or a cracked version of the map. In addition, we can find out how to verify the map through the network when we are going to do it.
      Step 4, look at the car navigation brand
      The owner can refer to the "Carrier": Several car navigation brands introduced here. Remember, now we must pay attention to the purchase of brand machines when purchasing the navigator, because the quality of such navigators is guaranteed. Unlike the cottage, it will be bad for a few days, and the performance is very poor. If the brand machine fails, it can be returned or replaced, but if the brand machine or the cottage machine is broken, it must be borne by itself.
      Step 5, look at the car navigation device after-sales service
      After-sales service is a must pay attention when purchasing the navigator. The navigator needs to be repaired, and the data is updated. There is no after-sales service, and consumers will be particularly troublesome in the future. If the machine has a title title, it needs to be returned to the factory for repair. If there is no after-sales service, or the after-sales service is very poor, once the product comes out, then you need to find a solution. Very troublesome.
      Note: Don't blindly believe in the "Car Navigator brand ranking" on the Internet.
      Finally, Master Wang said that there are many so-called "top ten brands of GPS navigators" and "car navigation brand rankings" on the Internet. In fact, these are all made up by car navigation sales people. Therefore, the owner of the car should not blindly believe in these so-called "navigation rankings."
      The choice of car navigation is a comprehensive consideration. "Interpretation: Which car navigation is good?" Several car navigation brands introduced here are all well-reviewed. The owner of the car navigation device is going to refer to it.
      The reporter's investigation found that there will be no authoritative organizations to count "car navigation brand rankings" and "car navigation top ten brands." Because if you do this, it is a violation of market competition regulations.

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