How to Choose and Purchase Vehicle Monitoring Cameras Correctly The Main Points of Purchasing Vehicle Monitoring Cameras
Jan 10, 2019

With the implementation of Ping'an City Project, the application of on-board surveillance camera is more and more extensive. How to choose and purchase the vehicle monitoring camera correctly? The following edition will introduce the purchase points of the vehicle monitoring camera.

Wide Range - Vehicle power comes from battery power supply. Most friends know that there are two kinds of vehicle power supply: 12V and 24V. So when choosing product power supply, as long as the product conforms to 12V, 24V power supply usage will feel OK. This is often not the case. Automotive power supply is actually a very complex and changeable situation, 12V or 24V is only a standard value. In the process of vehicle operation, the power supply is a constantly changing and fluctuating value. The main range was maintained at about 8V to 30V. And it often encounters abnormal situations, such as ultra-low voltage/current or ultra-high voltage/current. In the projects that I have implemented, the 6V (of course, the old vehicle) is very high when the car starts, and it reaches 60V in an instant. In this case, most of the equipment will not start properly (especially the adapter power supply is 12V, 24V products), or even burn down the machine.

Anti-jamming - In addition, due to the complexity of the environment, many of its interference is unpredictable. For example, electromagnetic interference. Power supply is also a serious problem in anti-interference.

Therefore, in the choice of vehicle monitoring products, the first thing we should pay attention to is the choice of equipment power supply. A mature and well-tested VHDR has at least the following characteristics in terms of power supply: ultra-wide voltage input, anti-interference, DC circuit output (which can supply power to the camera and small screen monitor), with over-current and over-voltage protection devices; long-term power-on safety design, preferably with shutdown function (which can continue to work for a certain time after the vehicle is out of fire). Meanwhile, it ensures the continuity of monitoring and the security of the system. Power supply should have an independent safety device, set up a variety of protection lines (such as independent hard disk protection circuit), to prevent overcurrent, overload, positive and negative pole connection and other causes of damage to the host equipment and hard disk.

Vehicle power supply is too complex, the industry's car-mounted hard disk video recorders do a good job not in the power side of repeated amendments and enhancements for at least 1-2 years, after several painful after-sales experience gradually stabilized. I've seen a company that makes on-board video recorders. They have a team in the research and development of photovoltaic power supply, and spent more than a year, constantly going to the vehicle site to repair and detect faults. I see that the power board they have modified is not small in size, and it is covered with dense electronic components. The cost of hardware alone is more than half that of the cheapest DVR motherboard on the market. It is said that the mainframe and peripheral equipment can be protected in most cases. To a large extent, the stability of the machine is ensured.

Above is the main points of the car-mounted surveillance camera purchase, you can understand. Vehicle surveillance camera system will be an important component of Intelligent Transportation, providing strong guarantee for vehicle scheduling management, driving safety, and improving vehicle utilization.

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