How to calculate the hard disk capacity of surveillance video
Jan 28, 2019

How to calculate the monitoring video of how long the hard disk can store, how to calculate the amount of storage occupied by a camera level in one day? Now summarize the online information and make a concise summary of the following:   1, IPC code stream   The code stream of the camera monitors the bandwidth of the video stream, which is divided into the main stream and the sub-stream. The main stream is used for storage. The sub-stream is generally used for previewing (so the video quality seen by the video playback is higher than the preview. To). The code rate varies at different resolutions/frame rates and picture effects.   Due to the different encoding compression algorithms , H.264 and H.265 code streams are different. At present, the mainstream coding is H.265, which saves nearly half of the transmission bandwidth and storage footprint compared to H.264.   2, hard disk capacity   The hard disk capacity, that is, the storage space of the hard disk, generally has 1T/2T/3T/4T/6T, 1T=1024G, and 1G=1024M. It should be noted that the capacity of the hard disk that can actually be used to store video is 90% of the total capacity , that is, the capacity factor is 0.9. Why? because:   The standard of the hard disk manufacturer is decimal, so 1G=1000MB=1000000K   The system uses binary, so 1G=1024MB=1048576KB   3, the number of monitoring channels   The number of surveillance cameras that need to be recorded. If 20 cameras need to save video, it is 20 channels.   4. Calculation method:   Video storage size = primary stream (M) ÷ 8 × 3600 (seconds) × 24 (hours) × number of monitoring channels × number of recording days   Suppose the HD header of a project is H.265 format 1080P (main code stream is about 2.3M), 50 channels, and stored for 90 days, then the formula is as follows:   2.3 (main stream) ÷ 8 × 3600 (seconds) × 24 (hours) × 50 (monitoring channel) × 90 (video days) ≈ 111780000MB   Converted to T is: 111780000÷1024÷1024≈106.6T   According to the actual capacity of the hard disk, 90% is: 106.6÷0.9=118.44T, that is, you need a total of 118.44T hard disk to meet the storage needs, then take the whole and press 120T to prepare.   Note: The main code stream is 8, we are talking about the monitoring code stream in bits (bits), 1T = 1024G = 1024MB = 1024Byte, 1Byte = 8bit. 

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