How to buy car burglar alarm car burglar alarm purchase skills introduction
Jan 17, 2019

Vehicle anti-theft protection of their own car is the most concerned issue of car owners, and nowadays car burglar products are dazzling how to choose the appropriate vehicle burglar alarm is often the most annoying problem for car buyers. How to choose a car burglar alarm? The following small series introduces you to the car burglar alarm buying skills. 
  Vehicle burglar alarms can be roughly divided into mechanical anti-theft locks, electronic anti - theft devices and GPRS network positioning burglar alarms. The mechanical anti-theft lock 
  mainly achieves the anti-theft purpose by locking the steering wheel and the tire. The anti-theft lock only has an anti-theft alarm and the anti-theft performance is not complete. Because of its anti-report characteristics, it is often easily destroyed by the unlocking master, and it is troublesome to disassemble. Its advantage is that the price is usually between tens or hundreds of dollars. 
    The choice of mechanical anti-theft lock is mainly judged by the lock body material and the lock core structure. 
Electronic burglar alarm    
  vehicle electronic burglar alarm mainly relies on locking ignition or start, vibration induction alarm to achieve anti-theft purpose. It also has anti-theft and audible alarms. The electronic anti-theft alarm is mainly controlled by remote control. At present, the electronic anti-theft device on the market mainly consists of one-way remote control and two-way interactive remote control. The one-way remote control anti-theft device has vibration detection and gating protection and microwave or infrared probe function. In addition, a number of convenient and practical additional functions have been added, such as: remote control central locking , remote control , cold and warm air, remote control electric windows and doors, and remote control baggage compartment. The two-way electronic anti-theft device has all the functions of the one-way anti-theft device. In addition, within a certain distance, it can not only remotely control the vehicle by the owner, but also can transmit its own state to the owner through the liquid crystal display on the remote control. For example, which side of the door is opened or the window glass is broken. 
   However, the installation of the electronic burglar alarm is complicated, and it is necessary to disassemble the vehicle circuit, which is likely to cause damage to the vehicle circuit. Due to the use of infrared and microwave control, the effective distance between control and alarm is close; many car thieves use wireless signal detectors to detect vehicle control signals and then simulate cracking the anti-theft system.
  The advantage of the vehicle electronic burglar alarm is mainly to have the burglar alarm capability, which can play the role of reminding the owner within a certain distance. 
GPRS network positioning burglar alarm   
  vehicle GPRS network positioning burglar alarm uses the most advanced global positioning system to carry out 24-hour full-range positioning tracking of the vehicle. When the vehicle position moves, it will immediately send an alarm signal to the owner's mobile phone to remind the owner. The positioning alarm also has the function of querying the vehicle position, driving track and emergency alarm at any time. Your family can check your location at any time, and you can also make an emergency alarm when you encounter dangers such as robbery. Since the GSM telephone alarm is used, the alarm signal is stable regardless of the distance. These features are unmatched by traditional mechanical anti-theft locks and electronic anti-theft systems. 
  How to buy a car burglar alarm, the above introduces you to different types of car burglar alarms, you can buy the right products according to your needs.

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