How much do you know about wireless on-board monitoring?
Jan 08, 2019

With the development of China's economy and the increasing traffic pressure, public transport priority is proposed in the planning of intelligent transportation system in various cities to alleviate the traffic pressure. In order to strengthen the operation and management of public transport and passenger vehicles, prevent traffic accidents and ensure traffic safety, at the same time, provide scientific reference for traffic accident analysis and protect the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. Vehicle monitoring applications in China have reached a climax, and the future development will follow the high-definition line.

Wide Application of Wireless Vehicle Monitoring in China

Wireless vehicle monitoring system can be widely used in different industries to ensure traffic safety. Domestic 3G wireless video surveillance has entered an explosive period of growth, especially in the two parts of the bus and transport industry, from a single vehicle system to 3G surveillance, so that bus and public transport safety can achieve real-time remote monitoring in a long time.

The in-depth development of wireless vehicle monitoring system has been gradually applied in many fields, such as public transport, passenger transport, urban management law enforcement, school bus safety, medical first aid, emergency repair of electric power and so on. Many areas in China have begun to implement comprehensive bus monitoring.

1. Real-time monitoring of vehicle transportation process

3G vehicle video surveillance terminal can realize multi-information real-time monitoring. Vehicle traveling record terminal can real-time monitor or sample the information of vehicle driving status at any time. The system can process and store the information automatically, understand the vehicle driving status and running environment in real time, and find out the environment or human problems in time, including random parking, unrelated ride, etc.

2. Information inquiry of transportation process

Information of dangerous goods, production and transportation enterprises of highly toxic chemicals can be inquired at any time, including the publication of laws and regulations concerning the management of highly toxic chemicals and the catalogue of highly toxic chemicals. It can inquire about the name of the consigning unit, the name and route of the transportation unit, the vehicles and personnel involved in transportation, the names and quantities of the highly toxic chemicals transported and the validity period of the relevant road transport passes, etc.

3. Emergency Linkage

Including traffic control at the accident site, evacuation of people around the accident site, emergency rescue of the accident and so on, the relevant information can be sent to the monitoring and command center in real time to facilitate the timely handling of the accident.

4. Information Processing after Transportation

When the vehicle arrives at the destination, it can download and inquire the vehicle traveling recorder and video files through wired/wireless network. The stored image and data information can be printed and replayed to facilitate the inspection of vehicle trajectory and system operation log.

5. Effective promotion of services and improvement of safety prevention

During long-distance travel, contradictions and disputes arise from time to time between passengers and passengers and crew members of the company, resulting in complaints from time to time, especially when some passengers get off the bus and pick up other people's baggage and articles, because there is no strong evidence to solve them, and the company's image is greatly affected. After installing the video recording system, we can effectively control the embezzlement of public funds such as passenger stopping, private collection of money and goods at any time, and improve the quality of service at the same time.

6. Improving security

Long-distance bus travel time, complex road conditions and personnel, prone to safety problems. Especially during the rush hour of Spring Festival Transport, drivers violate regulations and overload frequently. Through the network remote video surveillance and video recording system, passenger transport companies and management departments can instantly check drivers'violations and overloads through the 3G network remote video at any time.

7. Effectively urge drivers to operate strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations and drive civilly, so as to improve the safety of driving.

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