How much do you know about taxi monitoring?
Jan 08, 2019

In today's traffic, on-board monitoring has become an indispensable part. With the rapid development of science and technology and the growth of global car ownership, how to provide a safer and more convenient vehicle environment has attracted more and more people's attention. Vehicle monitoring system has become an important part of traffic travel. While adding a "lock" to the taxi industry, it also guarantees drivers and riders. Safety interests of customers.


Taxi video surveillance management is a win-win situation for drivers and passengers. For passengers, the existence of video surveillance will make drivers more vigilant, safe driving, civilized driving, and reduce the probability of overwhelming price, refusal to load, bypass. If passengers lose things in the car, the driver can find the owner through surveillance. The owner can also recover the goods through surveillance, which makes it difficult for the driver to "fill his pocket". For drivers, the video surveillance system for tourists is more secure when driving in the middle of the night. When meeting unreasonable passengers, some people can speak for themselves, such as accidental traffic accidents, there is also evidence to follow. At present, taxi monitoring has not only realized the recording of the pictures, but also recorded the sound, so as to achieve complete real reproduction.

After that, let's talk about video surveillance itself. With the gradual popularization of 4G and 5G networks, network bandwidth doubles, which can meet the needs of video data transmission with high frame rate and high image quality. Vehicle video surveillance solutions based on local videos are gradually developing towards systematization, networking and platforms.

Nowadays, the vehicle monitoring system on the market integrates the latest video and audio coding and decoding technology, vehicle power management technology, wireless network communication technology, global satellite positioning technology, vehicle shock absorption technology and GIS geographic information technology in the frontier scientific and technological fields. It can satisfy the collection of information such as internal environment, external environment, vehicle body running status and so on in the process of vehicle running and operation. The requirement of storage, transmission and analysis can effectively monitor and manage vehicles and personnel.

It can ensure that the vehicle can adapt to the instantaneous low pressure and instantaneous high pressure, avoid the blurring or shadow phenomenon caused by the vibration of the monitoring screen, export the heat inside the equipment, avoid the dust entry, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, ensure the reliability of the connection and the integrity of the signal transmission, guarantee the loss of video data at the instant of sudden power failure, and ensure the safety of the equipment. The fluency of remote preview screen of the heart platform also has a key emergency alarm mechanism, which can be linked to relevant departments to formulate emergency response plans for the situation on the spot.

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