How many cold knowledge do you know about the automotive industry?
Jan 10, 2019

Many people think they know a lot about the automotive industry, but how many of the following cold knowledge do you know about the automotive industry?

Everyone knows that Volvo is the safest car brand in the world, and the seat belt of the car was invented by Volvo. Until now, Volvo's car safety technology is still at the forefront of the automotive industry. Volvo invented the seat belt, while China invented the seat belt buckle. The seat belt buckle was invented for the sake of not wearing the seat belt, and it is the nemesis of the seat belt.

With the continuous development of globalization, the automobile industry has long been a global cooperative industry, and imported cars can be seen everywhere in the street. The world's first export car is a Mercedes-Benz, and this car is exported to China. In order to please Empress Dowager Cixi, Yuan Shikai imported the Mercedes-Benz car from Germany. However, due to seat problems, the car was not liked by Empress Dowager Cixi.

Mitsubishi is the first automobile manufacturer to export engine technology to China. Mitsubishi's engine plays an important role in the development of its own brand. Almost all self-owned brands have used Mitsubishi engines in Shenyang at the beginning. Until now, many self-owned brands still use Mitsubishi engines.

Highway has brought great convenience to our travel. The first highway in the world was built in Germany in 1932. It connects Bonn and Cologne. Later, freeways became popular in the United States. Now China has the longest expressway mileage in the world, with a total mileage of 123,000 kilometers.

China is now the largest automobile consumer market, and many automobile brands regard China as the main market. In 2017, the Chinese market contributed 40% to Volkswagen's sales, 27% to Honda's sales, 25% to Nissan's sales, 24% to Ford's sales and 24% to Mercedes-Benz's sales. In addition, 11 out of every four cars in the world are made in China every year.

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