How far is it from life to monitor the DVR in the car?
Jan 07, 2019

In today's explosive society, the word "trend" is undoubtedly the target of many people who advocate new life. If you don't catch up with any trend in life, it seems that you are embarrassed to see acquaintances when you go out. However, although chasing the trend has become a "trend" of the current society, but, in the end, which trend is chasing, I am afraid that everyone's understanding is different. In the field of clothing, Han Faner and British Faner may be the trend in many people's eyes. Eating food, Japanese food and Hong Kong snacks are supposed to be enjoyable in many people's eyes. If we want to talk about IT, I'm afraid the most obvious thing is the development of miniaturization and mobility. With everyone's crazy pursuit of Apple products. This trend seems self-evident. For our security field, the seemingly ordinary DVR, in fact, is also exploring its own fashion.

Overview of Vehicle DVR

With the "boarding" of all kinds of equipment, DVR, as an important equipment in the monitoring system, is also unwilling to be lonely. So after a simple transformation, "job-hopping" to this new field to continue their "career". And when it comes to car DVR, you may be relatively unfamiliar as a whole, because in our life, the mention is really rare. Generally speaking, on-board DVR can be divided into three categories: standard on-board DVR, multimedia on-board DVR and multi-functional on-board DVR.

First of all, the standard on-board DVR. This is the most basic vehicle video surveillance storage product. Like most hard disk recorders, it has only one video playback function. And the function of ordinary mediocre, it is also more used with ordinary monitoring of video playback.

Compared with the "mediocrity" of the ordinary vehicle DVR, the multimedia vehicle DVR not only has the function of the ordinary DVR, but also has the functions of broadcasting media advertisements, interactive games, stored films and on-demand programs. Therefore, the vehicle DVR with more entertainment functions is obviously more favored by public transport vehicles such as buses or taxis.

For multi-functional vehicle DVR, it has more abundant functions than the above two types of vehicle DVR equipment. In addition to the characteristics of the two devices mentioned above, the multi-functional vehicle DVR also has the functions of GPS positioning and vehicle traveling recorder. Especially with the development of audio and video signal compression technology and the increasing progress of network environment, the vehicle monitoring equipment is connected with the control center through wireless network, so as to be able to grasp the real-time situation of the vehicle driving, and deal with the crisis in the driving in time, so as to ensure the safety of the crew at the fastest speed, and gradually from ideal to reality.

Technical Difficulties Faced by Vehicle DVR

Compared with ordinary DVR devices, although there is no obvious difference in their functions, they also put forward higher requirements for technology because of the different carrying environment. This is mainly reflected in the earthquake resistance, power supply voltage stabilization, and environmental adaptability.

It is difficult to keep the vehicle stable and balanced during the driving process. Therefore, too much vibration will cause dislocation of hard disk head in DVR equipment, which will lead to the problem of normal video recording. If the side effects caused by vibration are too large, there may even be malignant consequences of control failure and damage of motherboard components. It causes great damage to equipment. Therefore, compared with ordinary DVR equipment, vehicle-mounted DVR not only meets more seismic requirements in the shell structure, but also has higher requirements in technology than ordinary DVR. In addition, in order to minimize the risk of data loss or equipment damage, more special technologies should be adopted in the storage of on-board DVR.

In addition to the higher requirements for seismic protection function, the adaptability of power supply is also an important test of vehicle DVR. Because the power supply system of automobile is the storage and distribution of power generated by engine and transmitted to battery in the process of engine operation, the stability of power supply is undoubtedly much worse than that of ordinary power supply. This requires a stable power balance system between the output voltage of the vehicle and DVR. Only in this way can we ensure the stability of DVR system, and avoid the power problems which lead to downtime and other conditions that can not work properly.

Friends who know more about electronic equipment know that many of the current electrical appliances have strong resistance to magnetic objects. But for automobiles, it is undoubtedly very difficult to keep the DVR devices away from the interference of the magnetic field. Since you can't avoid it, you might as well adapt to it. Therefore, there is no doubt that vehicle-mounted DVR has higher standards in EMC. In order to ensure that the normal operation of the equipment will not be affected by electromagnetic interference during the driving process of the vehicle.

In addition, temperature is also one of the important factors affecting the performance of vehicle DVR. Therefore, in addition to the above mentioned several aspects, the vehicle DVR's adaptability to high temperature or severe cold, also have the corresponding response standards.

The Future of Vehicle Monitoring

At present, vehicle DVR has gone through many years. And after several years of development, it has made a lot of technical improvements. However, from the current application field, it seems that it is far less optimistic than technology. This also requires the function of vehicle DVR to be closer to the daily civilian needs in the future development.

From the overall development trend of the current security industry, network and intelligence are the main development direction of the current network monitoring. As an important storage tool in monitoring equipment. They are also destined to be a trend in the future. For the current equipment, although it has improved many functions such as multimedia and navigation on the basis of the original functions. However, the relatively independent single-machine operation mode still greatly limits the vehicle DVR function. After all, compared with a complete monitoring system, only one or two monitoring points of on-board monitoring really do not have much value of single-machine storage. If we do not realize the introduction of the network and communicate with other countries, its attraction will certainly be difficult to make people pay for it.

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