Hikvision releases a full range of road traffic environmental protection family products
Jan 17, 2019

In April of this year, Hikvision released the environmental card slot capture system, through the artificial intelligence image fusion algorithm and high-precision product technology breakthrough, to achieve the infrared "full color" image effect, A solution to the problem of flash pollution at night has been proposed. Four months after the launch of this innovative product, Hikvision officially released a full range of road traffic environmental protection family products to further solve the problem of light pollution.

        In addition to the environmental protection card capture system, Hikvision's road traffic environmental protection family also includes environmental micro-port/smart monitoring, environmental protection electric police capture system.
 [Hikvision Environmental Protection Micro-Bayonet/Smart Monitoring]
       In the traditional transportation system, the standard bayonet has high cost and large investment, so it is concentrated on key road sections and key parts. It is difficult to balance the application of community units such as entrances and exits, rural import and export, etc. In this context, micro-bay port monitoring Products come into being.

      For better image quality, the use of micro-mount monitoring products will generally match the constant-bright fill light, which will bring light pollution. Hikvision's environmental micro-bay/wisdom monitoring can save the light in the bright environment; in the dark environment, fill the light through the infrared light of the human eye , and enhance the image details while solving the light pollution problem. In addition, the product uses Hikvision's artificial intelligence fusion algorithm to blend other visible light in the dark environment to obtain full-color images and videos, so that the product also has excellent performance in terms of color. 
[Hikvision Environmental Protection Electric Police Capture System]

       When setting up a regular electronic police product, it is necessary to equip each lane with a strobe light, and the phenomenon of "sparrow rod" is inevitable. In order to solve this problem, Hikvision has released an environmentally-friendly electric police capture system and proposed a "no-light" erection program.
       Hikvision Environmental Protection Police does not need strobe lights, can use image lights such as street lights to achieve image fusion, obtain clear image effects, and realize the true meaning of "light" electric police - even if there is only weak ambient light, It can achieve the same effect as a fill light. 
       In addition, environmentally friendly family products can save bandwidth and reduce storage. The product uses Hikvision's unique patent, Smart JPEG image compression technology, which automatically detects the target area and compresses the image by 30%-40% while ensuring that the target is clear, reducing storage energy consumption and reducing transmission. flow. 

       The resources of the earth are limited. If we do not know how to cherish and do not know how to use them properly, the resources given by nature will soon be squandered. In recent centuries, the development of science and technology has brought a new life to human beings. On the other hand, the excessive development of energy and the destruction of the ecological environment in the pursuit of development have highlighted environmental problems and endangered human health and safety. . The Hikvision environmental protection family solves the problem of light pollution caused by strobe lights, constant lighting and strobe lights in road traffic. At the same time, the complete replacement of the fill light can save energy and reduce consumption, and help the efficient use of energy. . Protecting the environment can not be completed overnight. Hikvision will continue to contribute its own strength to environmental protection through its own technology, products and services.

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