GPS car security seizes the middle and high market
Jan 17, 2019

Morning News (Reporter Chen Xuefei Trainee reporter Chen Yongquan) Is there a central lock that is afraid of being stolen? Then hire a satellite to help you look after your car. Recently, the GPS car security that has been in the Han for more than two years has begun to exert its strength on the mid-to-high-end customer base in the car market. 
  Yesterday, the reporter visited the Zhuyeshan auto market and found that all car beauty shops have GPS car security products . Many merchants have said that the sales of traditional pure GPS navigation systems have declined. Miss Xu from Huanyu Auto Service Co., told reporters, "After installing this kind of GPS security product, even if the car is stolen, it can quickly know the real-time position of the car, and can also remotely control the car to cut off the power and power, and lock the thief in the car. . " 
  Wei Tai Lake, Northwest car decoration shop manager Songhai Chun introduction, these products are mostly customer base of more than 200,000 worth of high-end private car owners. The current market price is between 3,000 yuan and 9,000 yuan. 
  Xu Liang, marketing manager of SEG Navigation Technology Hubei Branch, said that GPS security products have appeared in the market in Guangdong in 1994. The Wuhan market has only appeared in the past two years. Now the company has dozens of sales per day. “Compared with the same period last year, recent sales have increased by nearly 30%.”  

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