Future Shenzhen Bus Glass Breaker Replaces Escape Hammer
Jan 06, 2019

On September 23, Shenzhen Transportation Commission and Municipal Public Transportation Administration held a public transport emergency evacuation drill at Futian Comprehensive Transportation Hub on "Safety Day of Bus Travel Publicity Week". Reporters learned at the scene that some buses in Shenzhen have experimented with "glass breaker" instead of the traditional escape hammer, which will be promoted on the city's buses in the future.

Reporters at the drill site saw that a pure electric bus suddenly appeared in the operation of the battery smoke situation, more than 30 passengers on the car were threatened with life and property, the situation is very critical. In this sudden situation, the driver calmly handles, resolutely closes the high and low voltage power switch of the vehicle, starts the emergency valve, and instructs passengers to use glass breaker and safety hammer to quickly break the window glass and open the life passage. Less than half a minute later, the flight attendant helped and led more than 30 passengers to get off the train quickly and orderly and escape without any injuries. Subsequently, the driver uses a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire at the root of the fire. The flight attendant immediately calls the police and reports the accident to the fleet.

Exercises were conducted in three scenarios: normal opening of front and rear doors of vehicles, failure of opening doors properly with emergency switches, and failure of opening doors due to circuit faults. Emergency evacuation exercises were conducted in three scenarios: emergency window evacuation and escape. During the drill, the crew of the division cooperated closely, responded quickly and handled effectively, and the whole emergency drill was successful.

With the progress of science and technology and the development of green transportation, the application of new energy buses in cities is becoming more and more extensive. The purpose of this exercise is to improve the emergency handling ability of bus passengers in case of pure electric vehicles, to enable citizens to experience the efficacy of safety facilities in vehicles at close range and to master the basic knowledge of active self-rescue. This drill has effectively enhanced the actual combat capability of emergency rescue and achieved the anticipated purpose of the activity.

At the scene of the exercise, the public will be informed about bus safety knowledge from various angles and all directions by setting up safety knowledge exhibition boards and video demonstrations of escape, and receive on-the-spot consultation from the public, so as to let them know how to use the vehicle emergency facilities to carry out orderly self-rescue, evacuation and escape after emergencies.

Reporters learned at the scene that in order to strengthen emergency response capacity and further guarantee passenger travel safety, some buses in Shenzhen have begun to equip with "glass breakers". A sharp metal needle is arranged on one side of the glass breaker facing the window glass for smashing the window glass. When passengers are in an emergency, they can break the glass by pulling the insurance pin and smashing it with a needle. Compared with the traditional fire hammer, the glass breaker has the advantages of simpler operation, higher reliability and less effort. Old people and children can break the glass quickly. In the future, the equipment will be equipped on all buses.

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