Further Technology Auto-breaker to achieve intimate service: Professionalism is our goal
Jan 05, 2019


The company's patented product, window breaker is an innovative product dedicated to breaking windows in time of risk, opening escape channels, and then maintaining personal safety. This product has a number of patented technologies. At present, domestic technology is the first. Unlike the traditional safety hammer and the wiring-connected or remote-controlled broken window equipment sold in the existing market, the product uses integrated equipment, without wiring, with urgent intelligent detection of broken windows and manual remote-controlled broken windows. The product is small in size, exquisite in shape and reliable in function. We are committed to providing solutions for passengers who lose their self-operating ability to break windows manually in urgent situations due to high energy levels or accidental injuries. The scope of application includes passenger buses, high-speed rail, subway, bus, school buses, travel buses, workplaces, etc.

This product can detect three kinds of risk signals by itself: 1. vehicle rollover signal, 2. water sense signal when vehicle falls into water, 3. vehicle fire smoke signal. In addition to three kinds of automatic detection of dangerous broken windows, there are also driver remote control broken windows and passengers themselves open the safety cover and press the button to break windows urgently, to ensure that the percentage of broken windows is 100% when pressing.

Many manufacturers of automatic window breakers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I think Further technology is better in the public traffic safety industry. The most important part can attach importance to bus safety and provide a safe hitchhiking environment for the broad public. Here we can see the small red box on the emergency window of many buses. This is the automatic glass breaker. This small red box is controlled by a central controller. The trigger connecting the central control and the glass breaking equipment is a special wire. Such wire can not be burned in open fire less than 200 degrees. In the event of an accident or accident, the bus can not be burned in the first few seconds. This temperature can be reached, that is to say, before the central controller announces the broken window instruction to the broken window equipment, the signal can be sent to the broken window equipment and perform the broken window operation.

In terms of operation, considering the practical situation, the automatic window breaker is operated by a designated person. The designated person should know the equipment information on the bus, be able to handle calmly when encountering disasters or accidents, and have enough operation space. The driver is the person. Just teach the driver how to send the breaking instructions, which announce the ability to open multiple escape routes at the same time.

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