Escort Life! Further Shows at the Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Exhibition 2018
Jan 05, 2019

Thanks for the support and trust of all partners in the country!

Thank you for coming to the Further ITS Fair.

On June 22, the 7th Shenzhen International Intelligent Transportation and Satellite Navigation Location Services Exhibition, which lasted for three days, opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the leading enterprise in the field of automatic window breaker and intelligent vehicle integrated monitoring in China! Dongguan Fozel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fozel) made a brilliant appearance at the exhibition and brought a series of transportation industry solutions.

Nowadays, intelligent transportation industry has become an inevitable trend. The development of new technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence, provides an innovative power source for the transformation of transportation industry to digital intelligence. To promote the benign development of intelligent transportation industry, it is necessary to explore a set of development model which is in line with the market situation and trend. Further automatic window breaker industry standard pioneer, leading the world traffic safety!

"Further's participation in this exhibition will mainly bring solutions for bus passenger transport, tourist buses, school buses, sanitation, taxis, trucks, dregs and other industries." Dongguan Fuzel Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. staff told reporters. Further focuses on the active safety "two passengers and one danger" integrated solutions and truck solutions. The booth site is very popular, attracting many visitors to stop consulting.

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