Electric window breaker and electric window breaker
Jan 05, 2019

What is an electric window breaker?

The electric window breaker is an auxiliary escape system device installed in the emergency window of the closed window planning vehicle. In the event of an emergency or disaster, the trigger is broken in an emergency window by opening the control switch for one second to escape.

Many manufacturers of electric window breakers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Personally, Shenzhen feels that the public transportation safety profession is doing a good job. The first relevant part can pay attention to public transportation safety and give Shenzhen residents a safe ride environment. In Shenzhen, we can see small red boxes on many bus emergency glass windows. This is the electric window breaker. This red box is controlled by a central controller. The trigger for connecting the center control and breaking glass equipment is special. The wire, such a wire can not be burned when the fire is less than 200 degrees. In the event of a disaster or an accident, it is impossible for the bus to reach this temperature in the first few seconds, that is, the central controller announces the broken glass to the broken glass equipment. This signal is sent to the glass breaking device and performs the glass breaking operation before the command.

In terms of operation, taking into account the actual situation, the electric window breaker is operated by the designated personnel. The designated personnel should know the configuration information on the bus, calmly deal with disasters or accidents, and have enough operation space for the driver. It is such a candidate. Just teach the driver how to send a broken glass command, and this operation command announces that it can open the escape route together.

What is an electromagnetic window breaker?

1. This machine uses DC 24V power supply. Please press the correct polarity when accessing, red is positive, black is negative, do not reverse, avoiding the inability to detect electromagnetic electric window blaster (explosion) whether there is power.

2. Do not operate live during installation.

3. The power cord connected to the unit should have a margin and be firmly connected.

4, non-emergency, it is forbidden to open the control switch cover and push the switch to avoid the window glass breaking without any reason.

5, the vehicle installation glass should be satisfied with a single layer of tempered glass of not more than 8mm.

6. Each set of control switches can only control 4 electromagnetic electric window finder.

7, each set of control switch power supply fuse specification is 20A

8. The electromagnetic electric window smasher is equipped with an alarm circuit. When the handle is mistakenly dialed, the alarm circuit will announce 嘀~~~, please check the window finder for problems.

9. When the green light on the operation indicator box is not bright, please check the line fault of the window.

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