DVR+Alarm Center-DVR Entering Home Antitheft
Jan 10, 2019

With the development of social economy, DVR will become the advanced product of intelligent building terminal with its powerful function. For multi-point monitoring needs of families (corridors, corridors, courtyards, etc.), the scheme of network camera plus PC will be greatly reduced by the instability of desktop system, and the larger power consumption of PC does not meet the current trend of energy saving. If the scheme of using network camera and district alarm center is adopted, the real-time monitoring image of the house can not be obtained for the owner, and the failure of alarm center may cause a large area of security failure.

Therefore, the safest family prevention program is to use DVR plus alarm center program. It not only meets the various security needs of families, but also alienates DVR as a personal mobile media center. The function of DVR will never be limited to security. I think DVR will also be alienated as a home media storage center. In addition, the integration with mobile communication technology is also an inevitable trend of DVR to family development.

Design of Home Networking Scheme Based on DVR

Based on the above requirements, we believe that the system should adopt a hardware structure which combines high-performance communication processor and DSP, and a professional embedded operating system is needed for the operating system. Because of the adoption of high cost-effective DSP scheme, this system is in a very favorable position in similar products, whether cost-effective or easy to use. At the same time, the encoding and decoding program in the DSP can be constantly changed by upgrading the software, which makes the adaptability of the scheme greatly enhanced.

As DVR, the main task should be monitoring, so this scheme uses an independent CPU to control the video surveillance data. The system also integrates a high-performance controller, which mainly undertakes some other auxiliary functions. The development of these functions makes full use of various resources within DVR. The dual-processor architecture makes this scheme perform well in all aspects. Mobile communication module has many perfect designs, and basic mobile communication protocols such as GSM and CDMA have been integrated in it. The support provided by the designer is perfect and can be easily integrated into DVR products.

Embedded system is a computer system that designs and completes complex functions of hardware and software, and makes them closely integrated. It has the characteristics of small software code, fast response, high automation and high reliability. Embedded systems do not provide standard computer services, on the contrary, they usually exist as part of a large system. Embedded systems usually consist of powerful enough computers to meet functional and performance requirements. This helps manufacturers to reduce product costs.

In addition, other components of embedded systems also have many choices, which can also reduce costs for manufacturers. In traditional operating systems, a program that needs to store large data structures can arbitrarily allocate large amounts of memory without considering the consequences. These systems generally have enough memory and huge virtual memory pools (using disk space) to support these memory requests. But as the developer of embedded system, these are too luxurious. We must control complex algorithms to optimize the use of system resources.

In network technology, streaming media technology is used to realize remote video transmission service. Video remote monitoring must solve the problems of compression and transmission technology. Streaming media service technology will be the best solution to realize network video transmission. Streaming media technology can realize the advantages of high compression ratio, adapting to any network bandwidth from narrowband to broadband, low latency and high quality, supporting the access of website service form and high reliability of content encryption protection mechanism.

As a system solution, network DVR must also solve the problems of distributed storage and distributed retrieval. As the distributed storage of the network, it is necessary to distribute the traffic evenly, which has a higher requirement for the storage routing algorithm. For retrieval, how to find the required data and maintain the real-time validity of retrieval results will be a great challenge. At present, there are some mature distributed models in the world, and some professional companies have chosen some excellent algorithms to implement a set of efficient and feasible large-scale distributed video management software.

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