Distinction between Traffic Recorder and Vehicle Camera
Jan 11, 2019


Traffic recorder is called automobile black box, also known as "the third eye" and automobile safety information box recorder, but some people call his image as automobile electronic police. He can completely and accurately record the relevant situation of the driving state of the car, and can record the whole trajectory of the car, and reproduce it on the computer through software. Laiyin Traffic Recorder is to record the environment, geographical position and body balance of the car by taking pictures of the driving process, and to reflect the driving escort of the car comprehensively and accurately.

Traffic recorder can support real-time video output function, support picture rotation, measure driving speed, driving direction, record license plate number, driver information, cooperate with backing rear-view system, record backing process, suitable for vehicles: buses, enterprise fleets, private cars, etc. can be used, and the installation method of traffic recorder is simple and easy to understand, concealed. Good, compact size.

However, the function of on-board surveillance is mainly aimed at in-car surveillance (such as surveillance of the thieves on and off bus doors, of course, there are blind areas of drivers'mirrors outside bus), and on-board surveillance can be multi-channel, a system supports multiple cameras. Traffic recorder: as long as the driver's view of the front of the car action, such as rear-end car front accidents. These are the differences between on-board cameras and traffic recorders.

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