Different Functional Extensions of Bus On-board Monitoring System
Jan 08, 2019

Buses are the most commonly used means of travel. Bus monitoring system is familiar with bus companies. Today, Teswell's edition explains the different functions of bus monitoring system.

GPS navigation:

At present, GPS navigation system is installed in the urban traffic system, and the GPS information is shared to the user's mobile phone to facilitate the user's travel schedule.

Passenger flow statistics:

Passenger flow statistics is mainly about the number of people getting on and off the bus. With the construction of safe city, the function of face recognition for passengers will be increased in the later period to improve the safety of public transport.

Driver Identity Authentication System:

Driver's identity authentication system is based on face recognition technology, which can realize driver's identity authentication on vehicles. Its main purpose is the following two aspects. Through the identification of the driver, we can ensure that the driver who drives the vehicle is a driver who meets the driving conditions, such as registered driver and non-pseudonymous replacement; by confirming the driver's identity and automatically recording the driving time of the current driver, we can ensure that the driver does not drive the vehicle overtime. For example, there is no regular rest, there is no regular shift driving, etc.

Fatigue detection system:

Fatigue detection technology uses intelligent video analysis technology, including driver's face detection and eye detection analysis, to determine the fatigue degree of the detected personnel, and according to the set rules for fatigue alarm and warning.

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