Did you buy a car recorder or an on-board video recorder?
Jan 05, 2019


In recent years, the traffic recorder has become the leader of automotive products in the frequent occurrence of porcelain-touching incidents, so as to guard against porcelain-touching, record reality, retain memories and avoid violations... "Careful" it is gradually conquering all the owners.

Because of the price grading, many people tend to put the key points of choosing the driving recorder on the performance-price ratio and praising product function. They really can't resist the praise of salesmen. They buy it at home in a moment of enthusiasm. The result shows that the practical function and quality are not the same thing. From then on, they go on a road of self-recognition.

In fact, these are completely avoidable, go online to learn a little about the relevant knowledge can buy a relatively good product, at least will not be trapped all over the bruises.

Nowadays, most of the recorded products on the market only have the function of recording impression and time. When encountering a traffic accident or encountering a porcelain incident, there is no way to provide a concrete and complete basis chain. Such a vehicle recorder can only be called a "Vehicle Video Recorder". A wise man goes all over the world.

High Definition Video, Starlight Night Vision

The night vision can also be matched by the pre-and post-recording of the mirror to support the starlight night vision. Watson has the skills of colorful night vision, large photosensitive scale and strong infrared sensing. It can penetrate heavy rain and fog. It can also image clearly even in the night. It can record the driving speed in real time. It can work normally in the extreme cold and hot.

Double record, circular record

Unlike ordinary traffic recorders, the front and rear cameras of the mirror simultaneously record the real-time image, map track, GPS time, driving speed and save the video during the driving process. Recycle records to identify important documents so that the basis is more conclusive. In case of road accidents, it is directly visible to ensure that the owner's rights and interests are not endangered.

Well documented, orbital playback

Not only does it faithfully record minutes of driving time, but it also supports the playback of driving track. It can complete video and track synchronous playback, not only video, but also speed and azimuth information. Multi-player playback skills, irrefutable evidence. Off-line track playback allows you to playback the track anywhere. It is more convenient and convenient for the cooperative car to enjoy on-site testimony and escort your driving safety.

Heat-resistant and cold-resistant, two-year replacement

In the process of product development, we optimized and developed four common problems of the ordinary battery-containing VCR products, which are easy to aging under high temperature, easy to crack under long-time exposure, often dead at high temperature and easy to burst at high temperature. All the products of the Wise-man Xingtian series do not have built-in batteries, and they adopt standard parts at vehicle level, each product. It can operate safely at - 40 80 C.

The quality inspection shall be strictly carried out in accordance with the 3C quality inspection system of the state and the quality inspection standards of the automobile factories. And the products are "two-year replacement package", so that every consumer can be assured, reassuring use.

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