Demand of Vehicle-mounted Hard Disk Video Recorder and Relevant Analysis of 3G Vehicle-mounted Monitoring
Jan 09, 2019

In today's fast-paced society, with the continuous improvement of market demand, vehicle-mounted hard drives are also updated in time. With the emergence of the 4G network, the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder system has quickly come into people's eyes. Building a safe and scientific management system for vehicles has become the main trend of the future development of 4G. Vehicle-mounted DVR products are mainly used in long-distance passenger trains, intercity buses, tourist buses, marine scenic yachts and so on.

Improve the quality of revenue and service, effectively prevent the staff of the division from traveling in the middle of the private passengers, cash and ticket disputes, improve the image of the efficiency of enterprises. Statistics the number of passengers, control the number of drivers overloading passengers, effectively alleviate the contradictions and disputes in the car. To prevent drivers from driving in violation of regulations, provide comfortable and considerate service for passengers, and create a good driving environment. Improve travel safety, reduce the occurrence of cases and accidents, long-distance bus driving time, complex road conditions and personnel, more bandits and road bullies, especially during the Spring Festival transportation, are prone to various security problems. Through the 3G video surveillance system, passenger transport companies and management departments can at any time obtain real-time vehicle surveillance pictures remotely through the Internet network, remote video recordings, timely and effective vehicle detection. Vehicle problem. Vehicle wifi.

Intelligent Bus Aircraft provides passengers with Internet access, enriching passenger ride pleasure. Intelligent Bus Aircraft provides WIFI account for passengers to surf on the Internet, send and receive mail, check geographical location and other services through 4G vehicle monitoring equipment, so as to facilitate passengers and enrich their travel life. The Intelligent Bus Integration Machine controls the vehicle in an all-round way. The command center can inquire the location of the vehicle at any time, historical data analysis, video playback, fuel consumption and so on. The Intelligent Bus Aircraft Command Center can cut off the oil circuit at any time, track the whole process, effectively manage the fleet and save costs.

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