Dahua Mobile HD law enforcement vehicle forensics system fully enters the era of high-definition intelligence
Jan 17, 2019

In order to meet the needs of mobile law enforcement and evidence collection in the public security, transportation and other industries, Dahua has launched a mobile HD law enforcement vehicle forensics system, using the world's leading H.265, 4K, license plate recognition and other technologies to image acquisition, license plate recognition, vehicle feature recognition, Face recognition , mobile phone MAC address collection, GPS positioning and other technologies are integrated into one, with on-site law enforcement forensics, mobile control, road patrol, information collection, vehicle violation and forensics, etc., to achieve intelligent management of vehicle monitoring system , greatly improving The efficiency of the frontline police has better ensured social stability and people's safety.

Dahua Mobile HD law enforcement vehicle forensics system consists of car cloud platform , car host, display, 4D keyboard, car IPC, hand microphone components and other equipment, support 3G/4G full Netcom, built-in WIFI module, network selection is more free. The vehicle host adopts H.265 encoding technology, which supports up to 4 channels of 4K high-definition real-time monitoring access, 4K high-definition playback, which brings the ultimate experience in vision; dual stream function can realize different rates of storage and network transmission under the same channel. The code stream ensures clear and smooth wireless transmission while local HD recording is stored. The system is equipped with high-magnitude pan/tilt to meet the monitoring requirements of 360-degree continuous rotation in the horizontal direction, achieving all-round no-angle monitoring, capturing targets quickly and accurately, and being easy to operate. The 7-inch display supports multi-touch, slide, zoom, and button control for easy and flexible operation.

System features highlights:

Vehicle identification: It adopts self-developed license plate recognition technology to support vehicle identification such as license plate, vehicle color and vehicle logo, and realize efficient and correct retrieval of vehicle information.

Vehicle positioning: Built-in GPS/Beidou positioning module, which can display the location of the police vehicle in real time on the GIS map, and realize the rapid dispatch of police force.

Mobile phone MAC address collection: Support the collection of mobile phone MAC address in the surrounding environment. The data can be used to accurately locate personnel, which has practical value for strengthening the networked prevention and control system of public security criminal investigation.

Blacklist control: The license plate data recognized by the equipment at the law enforcement site can be matched with the blacklist license plate issued by the platform in real time, and the blacklisted license plate is actively reported to the platform.

Cluster intercom: Support multiple mobile devices (car, individual, walkie-talkie, etc.) for group intercom, peer-to-peer intercom, send text, voice and other information within the group, support peer-to-peer video intercom.

Dahua Vehicle Dynamic Forensics System has the characteristics of flexible operation, perfect functions and stable performance. It can transmit the scene to the command center in time through wireless real-time video, which is convenient for remote command and dispatch, greatly shortens reaction time and enhances emergency response capability. It can be widely used. In the industries of public security, fire protection, road administration, electric power, urban management, environmental protection, justice, and operators. At present, the system has been put into actual combat and successfully applied in projects such as Qiqihar, Hunan and Shenyang.

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