Dahua intelligent traffic car camera helps city bus
Jan 17, 2019

Public transport is an important part of the urban public transport system and one of the important infrastructures of the city. At present, traffic congestion, road congestion, and illegal occupation of bus lanes are common occurrences, bus operation speed is not high, and transportation efficiency is low. The way residents travel is transferred from public transportation to individual transportation, creating a vicious circle.

  Dahua has launched an intelligent traffic vehicle camera to shoot different road monitoring scenes, effectively curb illegal activities such as illegally occupying bus lanes, and prioritize the development of urban public transportation, thereby improving the level of public transportation services and attracting more passengers to travel by bus. Private traffic travel to ease urban traffic pressure.

  Dahua Intelligent Traffic Vehicle Camera adopts high-performance CMOS image sensor, high color reproduction degree and high sensitivity. In low illumination environment, the picture is clear and the picture quality is fine; support four code stream function to meet different needs of local storage and network transmission. Provide users with flexible choice of space; innovative intelligent traffic vehicle capture integrated structure design, support video recording, special capture and storage functions.


  Product features and advantages:

  Intelligent track frame: Video recording can track the travel track information of passing vehicles, including vehicle, model, body color and other information, and can be searched with the back end.

  Beidou/GPS function: Supports the identification of whether the bus is in the bus lane by Beidou/GPS or intelligent algorithm; supports Beidou/GPS real-time positioning and timing.

  Electronic fence function: Supports fence information configuration through platform configuration or client import, and captures illegal vehicles entering the fence.

  With car start, battery life function: When the vehicle starts, the device automatically powers up; when the vehicle is turned off, it automatically stops power and stops working. When the vehicle is off, you can also choose to use the car battery to power the device to continue working.

  Inertial navigation: Built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, can continue to give the GPS coordinates of the current position and provide inertial navigation service without GPS signal.

  Mobile networking: Supports mobile, China Unicom, and telecom 4G networks. It can be networked with 3G/4G wireless transmission and central platform to support continuous network disconnection. At the same time, it supports Wi-Fi transmission, Wi-Fi hotspot and other functions.


  As an important monitoring device for road monitoring system , Dahua Intelligent Traffic Vehicle Camera is installed in the bus. It has flexible shooting, easy access to the management platform, easy to liberate police resources, can effectively control the behavior of social vehicles occupying bus lanes, and improve public transportation. Efficiency, to promote the priority of public transport.

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