Correct Use of Safety Hammer
Jan 11, 2019

Every festival or bad weather is the time when traffic safety accidents occur frequently. The highway buses catch fire and the trains rear-end. It's more realistic to learn some escape skills when you're hurt by it. Here I will introduce you the correct use of safety hammer.

Pick up the safety hammer and hammer the four corners of tempered glass. Don't hit the middle part. The middle part is the strongest.

How to use safety hammer correctly to escape? Because some glasses are covered, they will not fall off immediately after they are broken. We can kick them open with our feet. After the glass falls off, it is necessary to jump out of the car body in a timely and orderly manner and transfer to a safe place.

Knowing the correct use of the safety hammer, the last thing we should pay attention to is to use the tip of the safety hammer to hit the four corners. It is not possible to hit the middle. The test shows that toughened glass can not be broken with keys and heels (except metal heels).

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