Centralized Solution to the Problem of Automatic Glass Breaker
Jan 06, 2019

Further technology professional automatic glass breaker manufacturers, determined to provide security for public transport travel in every city, our responsibility is great, so we dare not relax at any time, constantly introduce advanced production technology, so that our products are always in the forefront of the industry. Now let's give you a brief explanation of some common problems of automatic glass breaker by the technicians of further technology.

(1) Question: What is the principle of automatic window breaker? Will glass splash hurt people in the process of glass blasting?

Answer: The automatic window breaker relies on electromagnetic force to drive the high-pressure sharp hammer to knock on the edge of the window glass, so that it can break. Glass does not spatter and injure people during glass blasting.

(2) Question: Can the automatic window breaker for buses be used in the glass control of buildings?

Answer: No, it's different in nature and purpose, and it's not universal.

(3) Question: Can bus accidents be avoided with automatic window breakers?

Answer: It's not entirely true that when citizens'friends travel by bus, they should strengthen their safety awareness. When dangerous accidents occur, drivers will start automatic window breakers at the first time. At this time, citizens' friends should escape in an orderly way and not be pushed out in disorder.

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