Car glass automatic window breaker
Jan 05, 2019

As early as 2014, the “automatic window breaker” was installed in the closed vehicle of operation, and each window needs to install 4 window breakers; compared with the ordinary safety hammer, the automatic window breaker is not easy to lose, It is easier to smash glass; ordinary safety hammer has two defects: one is easy to lose, and the other is that it is not easy to smash glass, which makes it difficult for passengers to escape safely when an accident occurs on the bus. The automatic window breaking device is different. The needle tip made of special material and the needle tip designed according to the mechanical principle are the sharp tools for breaking the glass; not only that, the automatic window breaking device can be more conveniently fixed on the window, and also There is a locking device. When the locking device tends to lock, there is no problem when you touch the window breaker. In addition, the automatic window breaker can be used not only manually but also automatically. When the window is used, the driver can press the button uniformly. When the hand is started, the window can be pulled out by the passenger to remove the safety plug on the window breaker, so that the passenger can save and escape in a simple and quick way after the danger occurs.

The automatic window breaker for selecting a car is that ordinary safety hammers are not necessarily used by the public, but the automatic safety hammer is different, because the automatic window breaker can be used as long as the bus driver or passenger presses the button at a time; The speed and convenience of the window is better, and he can better protect the safety of passengers. Therefore, it is better to choose automatic window breaker.

         In summary, the installation of automatic window breakers on each bus should be paid more attention. At the same time, our Fuzel manufacturers specialize in the production of automatic window breakers. We hope that our automatic window breakers can be applied to every bus. In the car, the safety of more passengers is guaranteed.

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