Car alarms, a wide variety of car alarms
Jan 17, 2019

 There are many kinds of car alarms , such as mechanical anti-theft, electronic anti-theft, etc., then how should users choose the car alarm that suits them? The following is an analysis and comparison of different types of car alarms. Users can provide references when purchasing. 
Types of car alarms 
Mechanical anti-theft The 
    main principle is to lock a mechanism on the car so that it cannot perform its intended function. There are many ways such as: transmission gear lock, steering wheel lock, brake pedal lock, clutch pedal lock, etc., the trouble is that the mechanical lock is larger, and the owner must carry a key with him. But there are many ways to crack, because the core is a lock, this can't stop the shackles. It is even more difficult to use rough means such as hydraulic shears; accidentally throwing the keys again... 
Car alarm type 2 
Electronic anti-theft 
    is the most popular anti-theft device in the automotive market. The anti-theft system can be activated to cut off the ignition coil or the oil supply circuit, and the anti-theft can be normally released only under the control of the unlocking key. There are many kinds of such methods; most of the cars at home and abroad are equipped with a key chip anti-theft system when they leave the factory. The car engine can be started by using the radio transmitting chip in the key to communicate with the ECU of the vehicle. There is also an acousto-optic alarm system. The car dashboard is equipped with LEDs, which can not only let the owner know the working status of the system, but also deter the car thief who snoops the car. When the car vibrates due to external force, or when the door, trunk lid and front nacelle cover are forcibly opened, the system will sound an alarm to deter the car thief. There is a two-way alarm system, which has more functions than the simple flash and audible alarm system to notify the owner. When the car is invaded by the outside world, the nearby owner can know the status of the car through the liquid crystal display key that is carried around. 
    However, the trouble is that the false alarm rate is high, especially when the big car passes, the firecrackers sound, and the thunderstorms are mixed. The harsh alarm sound will affect the residents' rest and cause public anger. When the car is parked in the underground parking lot or is far away from the parking distance, no feedback signal is received. There are currently regulations prohibiting such products.
    The current situation is that thieves do not put such anti-theft means at all, and several people cooperate (disconnection, fire, decoding) easily, and the time is less than 3 minutes. It is enough to deal with the anti-theft system of the key chip type; the type of 
car alarm is three. The 
network anti-theft system 
    mainly relies on the public network of the society to monitor the driving of the vehicle. 
    1. GPS satellite positioning anti-theft system 
    It determines the position of the vehicle through the GPS satellite positioning system, and then transmits the position and alarm information to the alarm center through the GSM network. The alarm center controls the car through the GSM network, and the power is cut off/off. 
    The disadvantage is that the price is higher; the service fee needs to be paid frequently; the power of the system is large; the privacy will be invaded; if the vehicle is not used for a long time, the power will be exhausted. The car parked underground, under the tree, in the building, and the indoor system did not work. 
    At present, the means of thieves is to use mobile phone signal jammers to block the connection between the vehicle and the alarm center, and the anti-theft system fails. 
    2, GSM, GPRS mobile anti-theft device 
    GSM mobile anti-theft device it relies on the GSM communication network, the intelligent anti-theft of mobile phones and cars, with anti-theft, monitoring, remote control, remote alarm, positioning, anti-robbery and other functions, is to maintain the society An effective means of public security and protection of the interests of car owners. Compared with similar products, the system also features more concealed installation, more advanced technology and more reliable performance. There is no need to build a base station, and the alarm is not limited by distance. 
    The disadvantage is the monthly fee for the GSM number. Rely on the coverage of the GSN network. 
    The thief's means is also to use the mobile phone signal jammer to block the connection between the vehicle and the alarm center, and the anti-theft system fails. 
Car Alarm Type Four 
Biometric Anti-Theft System 
    Use the human body feature as the only unlocked key to lock the car engine.
    Specific products include automotive fingerprint start controllers and vein scan controllers. 
    Using the large amount of information carried by the human fingerprint, and the coincidence rate of each person's fingerprint is almost zero, the information of the owner's fingerprint is stored in the system in advance, and the identity can be verified by the comparison of the fingerprints, even if the car thief is started. It’s also helpless to steal all the car keys. 
    The downside is that it takes more than 2 seconds to compare the fingerprints before starting the car. 
    The thief has no way to get your fingerprints, and he has no way to steal your car. 
    In fact, as long as the thief steals the owner's key, it can crack any anti-theft method. Only biometric identification, only the fingerprint car alarm can really protect your car. 
    There are several types of car anti-theft devices: 
    1. Mechanical anti-theft devices, such as steering wheel locks, hanging locks, etc. (The roadside shop is available for sale, about 100-200 yuan) 
    2. The electronic burglar alarm (also known as the microcomputer car alarm) is the alarm that the car body is touched or shaken. , about 100-200 yuan). Since the frequency of use of such electronic burglar alarms is generally limited to the amateur frequency band of 300-350 MHz, and there are many sources of electronic wave interference in this frequency band, radio waves, lightning, industrial electric welding, etc., and wind and grass will interfere with it and cause false alarms. It is currently phasing out. 
    3, network-type anti-theft system, this type of car anti-theft system is divided into satellite positioning and tracking system (referred to as GPS) and using the radio station (interphone) through the central control center positioning monitoring system . This is a high-level anti-theft mode. Public security specializes in installing such anti-theft devices and can charge for service fees.
    4, digital anti-theft device PATS micro-crystal identification password anti-theft system: (Fox's standard anti-theft configuration) unique electronic password up to more than 50 million kinds, when equipped with a password transmitter with a car key inserted, the key module in the keyhole Pass the password to the control module for interpretation. If it matches, start the car engine. The system does not use battery wires, and the wiring can be used. If the control module does not release the ban, the engine will not start. The digital anti-theft key combines a miniaturized radio transmitter with a car key and has a receiving reader in a hidden place on the steering wheel. When the car key is inserted into the ignition switch, a radio signal with 20 digital codes is transmitted. When the reader receives the confirmation, the ignition switch starts the vehicle. If the digital code is not matched or no signal is sent, the vehicle is Unable to start ignition.

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