Can Vehicle Camera Replace Traffic Recorder
Jan 11, 2019

As we all know, taxi cabs are now equipped with cameras. I remember that the installation caused great justice, but overall the effect is good. I remember that there were news reports that the TAXI driver was robbed before, but the robbers were quickly captured. The camera function of the car is indispensable! And some netizens want to use the car in the camera to replace the driving recorder to work 24 hours a day, in fact, this practice is not desirable.


Cause Analysis of Vehicle Camera Replacing Traffic Recorder

First of all, the traffic recorder is known as the car black box, which can complete the recorder of the car driving crazy. Some of the traffic recorders have GPS traffic recorders, which can record the driving route, and support the functions of video output, cyclic video recording, mobile detection, and can be used in conjunction with the reverse image. It is easy to install and can effectively record the situation in front of the vehicle.

Vehicle cameras are usually for in-car monitoring. We often see that they are installed on buses. This is to monitor whether there are thieves or not. Vehicle cameras can support many cameras in one system, which can monitor in-car situation in an all-round way. If the camera is installed in the car, personal privacy will be the first problem.

Secondly, the temperature of on-board cameras is usually 0 to 50 degrees, which is used in the interior of the car, so the temperature will be lower. In the summer, the temperature resistance of the driving recorder in private cars is at least 50 degrees above, which is beyond the reach of on-board cameras.

Thirdly, there are usually two kinds of storage devices for vehicle cameras, one is hard disk and the other is SD card. SD card has better seismic performance but smaller storage space and higher maintenance cost. Ordinary hard disks generally support 300g, which can be used for one month in a row, while recorder memory cards are usually divided into 8, 16, 32G support training videos, the price is cheaper;

Fourthly, the installation of the camera is more troublesome. Usually, the installation cost includes the host cost, camera cost, hard disk, material, installation cost and so on. But the installation of the driving recorder is relatively simple, and you can fix it by yourself.

Fifth, it is unrealistic to monitor the car 24 hours by the camera. Many drivers feel that the battery of the recorder is not durable. They want to use the camera, but its power consumption is much higher than that of the recorder. If it is used for a long time, the battery of our car will be scrapped, which is not worth it. The traveling recorder realizes 24-hour monitoring, and only needs a mobile power supply.

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