Bus safety awareness is more important than anything else
Jan 06, 2019

The concept and use of automatic glass breaker must be well known to everyone. I will not introduce it here. Now we are worried that, in the case that all buses have installed automatic glass breaker, once a critical situation occurs, because we have no concept, cause congestion imagination, let tragedy happen again, so we feel that we want to make automatic glass breaker fully launched. To play a role, we have to play the "automatic glass breaker" on the bus mobile TV continuously and circularly, and how passengers escape when the crisis occurs, so that each passenger can have a profound understanding and grasp.

Because in many cases, even if the automatic glass breaker is installed, it can not ensure that all passengers are safe. Just like our office, we are equipped with fire extinguishers according to the requirements of the state. Many fires tell us that once a critical situation occurs, people are in disorder. What's more, they don't know the common sense of fire fighting at all. They don't know how to use fire extinguishers if they escape scientifically, even if they are put in their hands.

Therefore, if we want to do a good job in bus safety, we should not only install the automatic breaker, but also change the sealed window to the push-pull window, the inner swing door to the outer swing door, the automatic alarm system and the automatic fire extinguishing system. In addition, the cultivation of passengers'own safety awareness is particularly important.

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