Bus Emergency Escape: Safety Hammer is the most effective way to break the glass corner
Jan 11, 2019

Bus clerks teach you how to escape in an emergency

In recent years, the phenomenon of Bus spontaneous combustion occurs frequently. In Xi'an, the scene of bus 603 fire on August 30 still makes the general public sigh. Safety protection during bus ride has become a major concern of the public for a while. Our reporter took you to bus company 6, bus company 8 and bus driver to know how passengers should escape in an emergency.

Drivers and passengers escape in three steps:

In the first step, the driver stops, opens the door and evacuates the passengers quickly.

The second step is that if the door circuit is burnt out and can not be opened, the manual switch set above the start door is invalid to open the door, and the vehicle safety escape hammer can be used to quickly break the window to escape. If the fire closes the door, passengers can cover their heads with clothes and rush down from the door.

Third, the driver or passenger should report to the police in time, maintain the order of the scene, organize the rescue of the wounded and wait for rescue.

Put the fire extinguisher behind the driver's chair

Zhang Yiqing, Secretary of the Eighth Fleet of the Sixth Bus Company, introduced to reporters that there are generally two kinds of fire extinguishing devices on buses, fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are located in the driver's rear and rear door positions. Fire extinguishers are located in the engine of the car.

Reporters learned that, as the engine of air-conditioned vehicles and double-decker vehicles are generally installed in the rear of the vehicle, this rear engine once the fire, the driver is difficult to detect. For this reason, bus companies have installed temperature-controlled fire-extinguishing bombs in the engine boxes of all such vehicles. Once the engine boxes catch fire and the temperature reaches 170 degrees, the fire-fighting bombs will open automatically and put out the fire in time. At the same time, drivers will pay attention to them. Reporters learned that the general bus will be equipped with three or four fire extinguishers.

In addition, when passengers use fire extinguishers, the front engine should not open the engine cover, and fire extinguishers should be used to extinguish the fire from the bottom of the engine and the crevice of the engine cover; the rear engine should open the rear cabin door and aim at the ignition point to extinguish the fire.

Safety hammer is the most effective way to break the corner of glass

When the door can not be opened, the safety hammer can also be used to hit the glass to escape. Secretary Zhang said that the safety hammer is pointed in the middle, with diamond specially cut glass. The toughened glass in the middle of bus windows is the strongest. After repeated tests, the corners and edges are the weakest. It is easier to break the glass by hitting the edge of the glass, and the middle is relatively difficult.

The front and rear windshields of the car are the strongest. Don't smash them when you escape. The middle part of the side glass is the strongest, so hammering the corner is the most effective. Reporters counted the number of K235 bus, a total of seven safety hammers were placed in the car, and generally the slightly older bus was equipped with four.

In addition, there is a roof emergency window in front and behind the new air-conditioned carriage. Passengers can also escape from the roof when they meet with water intake and fire.

There are four emergency switches in the car

Reporters on the K235 bus saw that there were four emergency switches on both sides of the front door and the back door of the bus. In case of danger, the emergency switch could be triggered in the direction suggested. The reporter tried, after pulling the switch, the door of the cart could be opened with a gentle push. However, in the case that the door can not be opened due to short circuit, two emergency switches outside can be opened.


Before vehicle spontaneous combustion, there are usually precursors to pay attention to "observation" and "smelling"

Reporters learned that there are about 150 double-decker buses on record in Xi'an, which are 400, 603, 608 and 900 routes respectively.

Subsequently, the reporter came to a 900-way double-decker bus to learn about the situation. According to the driver, the general double-decker bus body is about two meters high. In case of emergency, passengers should first consider escaping from the door and window, and do not jump from the second-decker window easily, so as to avoid accidents.

In order to enhance citizens'awareness of unexpected incidents, Zhang Yiqing also reminded them that there are precursors to vehicle spontaneous combustion. Drivers and passengers can judge from two aspects: on the one hand, "smell". The so-called "smell" is that the car body has a peculiar smell and noise in the process of driving. Passengers should remind drivers to stop after they find out.

On the other hand, it is "inspection", that is, the driver should always observe whether there is any abnormal situation in the reverse mirror. If smoke breaks out, he should immediately pull over and evacuate the passengers. After passengers leave safely, if the fire is too big to rescue, dial 119 to wait for rescue.

Thirty-six people died in a rear-end fire of a double-deck sleeper bus in Yan'an

At about 2:40 a.m. on August 26, a rear-end collision between a passenger car and a cargo vehicle transporting methanol occurred in the Ansai section of Baomao Expressway from north to South at K484+95 meters, causing methanol leakage and fire, which resulted in a fire on a passenger car, resulting in 36 deaths.

Spontaneous combustion on route 603, passengers jump off the second floor window

At about 1.45 p.m. on August 30, a bus spontaneous combustion occurred at the crossroads of Weierjie in Xi'an. Some witnesses said that the bus burned for about 20 minutes. More than 70 passengers were in the car. All the passengers were evacuated safely except a 72-year-old woman who fell down and hurt her head when she escaped.

Keep these positions in mind

Open the door with an emergency switch to escape

Fire extinguisher behind double deck bus

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