Brief Analysis of Vehicle DVR Function
Jan 10, 2019

Vehicle-mounted DVR has made great achievements in the industry with its superiority in usability. People pay more attention to it. We choose it mainly according to its stability, shock resistance, heat resistance and miniaturization. So today we will follow the steps of Xiaobian to discuss the function of Vehicle-mounted DVR.

Generally speaking, a vehicle DVR product should have these functions:

It has the functions of video loss and dynamic detection and alarm.

Supports super-large capacity hard disks, without formatting, plug and play.

Embedded operating system, stable, not easy to crash, call fast start video.

Professional power supply design, in order to adapt to the automotive power supply voltage fluctuations and large electrical impulse impact of the working environment.

Three-level user management mode, safe and reliable, high confidentiality.

Support multi-channel audio and video input real-time monitoring and video recording.

Multi-mode video recording function (manual, timing, alarm linkage, dynamic detection) and fast query playback function.

Professional hard disk seismic design, locking, mobile, provide convenient data backup function.

Vehicle DVR not only has the above functions, but also has a great expansion. It can be expanded according to the needs of users to record the driving process of vehicles; GPS Global Satellite Positioning System and electronic map navigation function. It realizes remote real-time monitoring and dispatching management, automobile entertainment function, provides video and audio data playback function, and can be used to play advertisements and entertainment programs on the car.

These will be gradually implemented in the future security market, I believe that the future of vehicle DVR will be better.

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