Beijing added 368 “electronic police” to strengthen citywide surveillance
Jan 28, 2019

 According to the Beijing Daily News, the website of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau revealed that 368 fixed traffic technology monitoring equipments will be added in Beijing, of which 202 “electronic police” will be added to Haidian. In addition, the monitoring network of several streets around the Dongcheng Beijing Railway Station has been further woven.   Haidian accounted for more than half of the newly added monitoring equipment list, reaching 202. Key monitoring of key trunk roads and tie lines, including Fuxing Road, Lianshi East Road, Lanshi Road, Wanquanhe Road, West Third Ring Road, and West Fourth Ring Road. In addition, hospitals and schools are also the places with the largest number of “electronic police”, such as the south side of the Armed Police General Hospital, the East Gate of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the South Gate of the 301 West Hospital, the North Gate of the 11th School, and the South of Yuying Middle School. Campus, Century Star Kindergarten, etc.   The 43 new "electronic police" in Dongcheng will be concentrated around Beijing Railway Station, Nanshuiguan Hutong, Nanzhuzhang Hutong and Jiaodaokou East Street. Among them, Beijing Railway Station East Street, Beijing Railway Station West Street, Beijing Railway Station Street, and Post Street Street monitoring network are further woven. The reporter noted that the newly added "electronic police" in Haidian and Dongcheng is almost all omnidirectional monitoring equipment, which can take pictures of traffic violations in all directions.   In addition, in addition to the core urban area, nearly 40 “electronic police” will be added to the roads around Changping Future Science City, which will be distributed in the future intersection of Science City East Road, Future Science City Binhe Avenue, Future Science City East Road and Beiqing Road. Wait for a number of roads. 原文出自[安防知识网] 转载请保留原文链接:

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