Autopilot vehicle test standards come: 80 points pass
Jan 17, 2019

 As a new technology, autonomous driving is vacant in laws and regulations and has become one of the factors limiting the speed of autonomous driving. In order to better promote the development of autonomous driving technology, countries have formulated and issued relevant laws and regulations. Recently, Beijing has also released the test standard for self-driving vehicles , and 80 points can be passed .

  Beijing's multi-department jointly issued the "Beijing Autopilot Road Test Capability Assessment Contents and Methods (Trial)" and "Beijing Automated Vehicle Closed Test Site Technical Requirements (Trial)". According to the documentation requirements, Huaqiang Smart Network lists the key planning requirements in several documents.

  Speed limit 60KM/h

  The self-driving vehicle needs to set the corresponding scene during the test, and must have emergency disposal and manual intervention capability during the test phase. The test driver needs to step in and take over the self-driving vehicle anytime and anywhere, and can work normally after intervening in the vehicle. The speed of self-driving vehicles is limited to 60 kilometers per hour.

  Traffic identification

  Similar to the operation of ordinary vehicles on the road surface, autonomous vehicles also need to have the ability to identify traffic signs and obey management. During the evaluation process, the self-driving vehicle needs to identify a variety of signs, including bans, warnings, etc. The self-driving vehicle can also recognize the traffic lights and can respond correctly in both red and green states. In addition, the self-driving vehicle needs to understand the management of the traffic commander (the traffic police, etc.) and drive according to the gesture of the road traffic commander.

  80 points pass

  Like our driver's license, auto-driving vehicles also need to pass the "exam" in order to formally "go on the job." During the test, “not listening” command, starting to drive more than 30 cm, traffic accidents, etc. are all zero tolerance content, in recognition of traffic markings, signal lights, command gestures, curve driving, right angle turns, etc. Not less than 80 points can be officially "on the job".

  Huaqiang Wisdom Network Conclusion

  At present, the autonomous driving technology is not mature enough, but the concept of autonomous driving technology has been fired very hot, and the market feedback is also very good. Although the automatic driving assessment standard is very strict, it is a good phenomenon for autonomous driving, which can make the self-driving car get on the road as soon as possible, and promote the advancement of technology.

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