Automatic window breaker is widely used in Nanning bus
Jan 09, 2019

At 9:00 on February 13th, 2015, the Nanning Municipal Transportation Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau Jingwen Detachment decided to jointly carry out emergency drills. In the exercise, the window blaster was activated to break the window and evacuate passengers. According to the person in charge of the relevant departments, Nanning will install 726 closed air-conditioned buses to install window blasters, and each set of four automatic window blasters will be installed to effectively respond to emergencies such as fires and terrorist attacks. The security level of public transport vehicles.

Broken window artifact, this thing sounds amazing.’s new media learned that Qinzhou City installed “automatic window breakers” on more than 20 closed air-conditioned vehicles operated as early as August 6, 2014, and installed 4 closed air-conditioned vehicles. Broken window. The person in charge of the Qinzhou bus department said that the bus has been equipped with safety hammers on the vehicles according to the requirements of the relevant departments. However, the safety hammer has two defects: one is easy to lose, and the other is that it is not easy to smash glass. Once a dangerous accident occurs on the bus, it is not convenient for passengers to escape safely. The base of the automatic window breaker is a red rectangle with a round yellow button in the middle. On the back of the automatic window breaker, a needle tip made of a special material can be seen. The needle tip is designed according to the mechanics principle. The "tool" of broken glass. This window breaker can be easily fixed to the window and is provided with a locking device. In the locked state, how to touch this window breaker is no problem. The window breaker can be operated automatically or manually. The window breaker that is automatically activated is pressed by the driver when the button is used, the tip of the window breaker will pop up, the glass will be broken; the hand-opened window breaker The safety bolt on the window breaker can be unplugged by the passenger, and the escape device on the window breaker can be manually broken and the glass can be broken, so that the passenger can save and escape in the easiest and fastest way after the danger occurs.

The bus company chose to install an automatic window breaker, which not only ensures the safety of passengers, but also avoids the situation that the safety hammer placed on the bus is easily lost. The safety hammer is not necessarily used by every citizen, and the automatic window breaker can be used as long as the bus driver or passenger presses the button.

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