Application Requirements of Vehicle Hard Disk Video Recorder Industry
Jan 08, 2019

Vehicle-mounted hard disk recorders can be customized for various functions according to the application requirements of different industries.1. Customization Function Analysis of Passenger Transport Industry


1.In addition to simple vehicle video surveillance functions, the passenger transport industry needs wireless network video surveillance (to understand the real-time situation inside and outside the vehicle), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle voice station, vehicle travel information recording, multimedia entertainment advertisement broadcasting and other functions.

2. Analysis of Customization Function of Police Vehicles

The main functions of the public security industry on-board hard disk video recorders are video surveillance, wireless network transmission, Yuntai control and so on. Traffic police pay more attention to how to collect evidence for violation of regulations, the main needs are: license plate recognition, blacklist comparison and so on. Traffic police also have similar needs in urban management and transportation management industries.

3. Analysis of Customization Function in Financial Industry

Money transport vehicles in the financial industry require the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder to work stably and reliably, and to upload video and alarm information to the management center platform in case of emergencies, and interact with the monitoring center platform.

4. Auto Electronic Customization Function

Vehicle-mounted hard disk recorders should also be combined with automotive electronic related functions. For example, CAN bus technology is widely used in vehicle driving data acquisition and upload. Vehicle-mounted hard disk recorders should also have CAN bus access and analysis and processing functions. The relevant information of vehicle driving should be recorded by hard disk, and important data should be analyzed and processed.

5. Application of Vehicle-mounted Hard Disk Video Recorder on Other Transportation Vehicles

Rail transit, shipping, aviation and other industries also need real-time monitoring. These industries need to increase the harddisk shock absorption and reinforcement treatment, but also pay attention to the difference between the power supply used in such projects and the power supply of ordinary cars. For example, most of the power supply for on-board equipment provided by trains is DC48V or DC110V, while the power supply for ordinary vehicles is DC12V or DC24V.

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