Analysis: How does the car security system get out of the market?
Jan 17, 2019

 With the rapid growth of automobile consumption demand and automobile production, the automobile anti-theft device market and the automobile GPS global positioning navigation system market have rapidly risen, becoming a direct consumer market with huge demand. However, at present, there are many products on the market, and the brand is very mixed. The car security market, car GPS global positioning navigation system and other car security market fell into a "mud."

  In the face of the dilemma, GPS needs to focus on breaking through the core advantages.

  GPS, the abbreviation of "Global Positioning System", is the most widely used one. The reason why GPS can locate navigation is because each GPS receiver can receive spatial orbit information transmitted by at least 4 GPS satellites at any time and at any position on the earth. The receiver can determine the position of the receiver by solving the positioning information of each satellite received, thereby providing high-precision three-dimensional (latitude, longitude, altitude) positioning navigation and timing system.

  With years of technology development, a large number of cost stacking and market practices, the positioning of GPS systems in security has been particularly accurate, and other aspects of logistics and other functions are only added value or auxiliary functions. The core of the product is also in the security system, to effectively solve the most practical needs of industry customers or individual users. From this foundation, we must propose a new security concept based on GPS system.

  The new security concept should include four core selling points under current market conditions:

  First, the demonstration and establishment of the public security traffic system security system;

  The second is to provide security for the insurance company's individual risk-risk types, that is, the insurance system provided to the insurance company. The early stage can be mainly reflected in the loss payment of automobile insurance;

  The third is to identify the multiple signs of car theft, integrate the public security and insurance industry to establish a linkage group, and provide joint personalized solutions;

  The fourth is to provide another new concept of “auto insurance” for the existing private car market, especially for mid- to high-end private car users, and to form a linkage effect with insurance companies and public security systems. In terms of promotion, we can focus on starting from the high-end of the industry, or starting from the local regional market. As long as we have a good area, the company has the right to speak in a practical and feasible way, and it has the basis for display and promotion.

  Car black box or will become an essential vehicle system

  It is understood that in 2009 the domestic automobile anti-theft system production reached more than 30 million sets. In terms of market sales, domestic market sales increased by 20% to 30% per year. According to experts' prediction, the total market demand in 2011 exceeded 11.2 million sets. Another major sales channel for car anti-theft systems is exports. The export volume has reached 16 million sets, and the further development of the future auto market will bring double the growth space for the car alarm market.

  After the car burglar alarm , there is a car security product , he is the car black box, that is, the car airbag. In the future, it will become an indispensable in-vehicle system and become one of the three-piece in-vehicle systems.

  The driving recorder is mainly to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the driver. If you are not afraid of hitting others, you will be afraid that others will hit you. For many people who cross the road and those who do not comply with traffic laws on bicycles and motorcycles, once they have a conflict with them, the consequences are likely to be blackmailed. If you have a driving recorder that records the status of the vehicle at the time, you can give the driver a valid evidence. Unexplained incidents such as malicious collisions of porcelain will be difficult to happen.

  In addition, if the vehicle is equipped with a driving recorder, the driver does not dare to violate the rules easily. Once the violation is violated, the driving state of the vehicle will be automatically captured by the system of other vehicles. In this way, the occurrence of accidents and escapes will be greatly reduced. At present, long-distance sleeper cars and coaches must be equipped with driving recorders. In order to ensure driving safety, it is believed that private cars will be mandatory in the near future.

  to sum up

  To do different professional markets, you should carry out different professional positioning, including products, prices, channels and so on. For the private car to be positioned for the private car market, a logistics system should be developed for the logistics system. For example, in the private car market, you can use the anti-theft system and other functions can be avoided. The price advantage will also be reduced, and the cost will be reduced. Many affiliated items can be avoided. The global positioning system is also a double-edged sword. When it comes to privacy issues, is the owner willing to let the car be monitored at any time and place? In the future, whether the user can control some of them, if you want the network to know, open a switch, otherwise it will be turned off. This setting is actually a humanized service.

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