Advantages and Disadvantages of AHD Vehicle Video Recorder
Jan 09, 2019

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of AHD Vehicle Video Recorder

With the continuous development of on-board monitoring mainframe, customers have higher and higher requirements for picture quality. Millions of high definition video recorders have emerged in the vehicle industry. However, with the continuous replacement of AHD million HD VCRs by customer groups, the drawbacks of AHD million HD VCRs are also highlighted.

First, we analyze the advantages of AHD VCR.

Picture sharpness is the biggest advantage of a million HD VCRs. Let's take a look at the comparison of parameters.

CIF (352*288), HALF D1 (704*288), D1 (704*576) 960H = 960*576 720P (1280*720)

Through the parameters, we find that the resolution of 720P can be more than 9 times that of CIF. Generally speaking, 720P is nine times as fine-grained as CIF in the same picture.

Next, we show the effect of AHD through the actual picture of Wanlize AHD VCR.

Through the actual effect of Wanlize Technology's ADD, we can find that the effect of AHD million HD on-board video is good in color restoration, clear in outline and distinct. The front license plate is clearly visible.

With so many advantages, will the car market be completely converted into AHD VCRs? Actually not.

Secondly, let's discuss the disadvantage of AHD VCR and the high quality of picture, which brings about high storage overhead. At present, most of the manufacturers of on-board video recorders, AHD video recorders are set at about 1.8G per hour by default. A 64G SD card can only store for more than 10 hours. If we want to give full play to the advantages of AHD, the quality of the picture can be improved and the lock space will be larger.

To sum up: AHD Vehicle Video Recorder is favored by customers because of its clear picture quality and clear outline. However, it is not suitable for many customers because it occupies too much space. Wanlize Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated experience in the automotive industry for 9 years and made suggestions for customer selection.

Special vehicles, such as cash carriers, traffic police vehicles, oil tankers, rescue vehicles; vehicles that only pursue clarity and do not need to keep data for a long time, such as school buses (only four hours a day to and from school), 120 ambulances (not too long to leave the police process), are recommended to use AHD million HD vehicle-mounted SD card video recorders.

Buses, rural buses and long-distance buses recommend the use of AHD million HD vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorders.

In addition, if the need for wireless transmission, AHD million high-definition vehicle-mounted video recorders, it is recommended to use 4G transmission, so as to give full play to the advantages of AHD picture quality, ordinary 3G transmission, due to bandwidth problems, using AHD remote transmission can not play its advantages.

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