2017-2018 Impact and role of China's passenger car safety technology application dialogue
Jan 09, 2019

At present, no matter from the country to the local, from top to bottom, the safe operation of passenger cars is in the first place, and the importance of safety is emphasized in a unified manner; in 2017, the relevant standards for passenger car safety have been revised, reviewed and submitted for approval, and the new regulations will be in 2018. Implemented in January.

Therefore, the “12th Influencing China Bus Industry Series” will be held by the China Society of Civil Engineering Society and the China Bus Network on January 12, 2018 at the New World Hotel in Beijing. The "China Bus Technology Safety Application Dialogue" is the theme of "China Bus Public Transportation Hotspot Symposium"; high-level dialogue forums such as "expert researchers, bus companies, bus companies, and technical safety parts" will be invited to hold high-end dialogue forums around bus bus technology. Safely launch a closed-door dialogue seminar, publicize the application of passenger car safety technology; jointly launch a comprehensive and exciting discussion dialogue on "bus safety technology and application".

Standing on the world stage, the top car companies in the Chinese bus industry are among the best in terms of sales volume and scale. However, our bus technology is also world-class and has a certain level of technology compared with developed countries. gap. We need to do our homework in safety technology and constantly improve and improve our comprehensive strength.

Ouyang Minggao, the professor of Tsinghua University and the head of the overall expert group of the National 863 Program Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicles Major Project, said: "Safety is the 'life-root' of the development of the new energy automobile industry." Li Dong, director of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also pointed out that Without security, there is no future for new energy vehicles. With the release of a series of national passenger car safety standards, China's passenger car safety standard system will be more perfect. At the same time, the improvement of various standard systems will also play an active role in promoting the overall passenger car industry to achieve industrial upgrading.

On November 9th, 2017, Senior Technical Consultant of the China Highway Society Bus Branch, Zhi Zhihao, gave a speech on the impact of the improvement of passenger car safety standards on the industry at the 15th Bus Market Research Conference. From the necessity analysis, the current standard status, 2017 The current passenger car safety standards are analyzed in detail in terms of annual changes and requirements and industry impact.

Senior Technical Consultant, China Highway Society Bus Branch, Zhi Zhihao

Qi Zhihao said that on the one hand, civil aviation and high-speed rails are booming, and passenger car accidents frequently affect travel choices; on the other hand, China's safety is insufficiently valued, and the gap with developed countries is obvious, leading to the industry's call for improved passenger car safety performance.

According to the China Bus Network, in 2017, China has issued or completed the review and submitted approval for the release of standards such as safety conditions for motor vehicles, safety requirements for passenger car structures, safety technical conditions for operating passenger cars, and safety of passenger car interior materials. The standard covers 20 changes and modifications such as the number of passengers on the occupant, passenger luggage compartment, electronic stability control equipment, emergency facilities, wheels, tires and seats.

From the current point of view, the overall situation of China's passenger car safety standards is relatively complete. The scope of application and technical requirements can basically meet the development needs of the current bus industry. However, there are also insufficient coordination and cohesiveness between different standards. Newly widely used in the world. Problems such as the introduction of special standards for technology and new equipment are not timely. Therefore, Zhai Zhihao pointed out that there is still room for improvement in the safety standards for passenger cars in China, and the improvement of passenger car safety standards will promote major industrial changes.

In 2016, Zhai Zhihao once said that the Chinese bus industry should focus on further improving the active and passive safety requirements of passenger cars to improve the overall technology of passenger cars. Correspondingly, while paying attention to the construction of the whole vehicle, we should also consider the safety and technical issues of the parts and components supporting enterprises that are closely related to the whole vehicle. The bus manufacturers should encourage, assist and support the product development of the bus parts enterprises. Actively assisting parts and components enterprises in terms of capital, technology, market development and product use. Only our passenger car parts technology has improved, products have become stronger and refined, and the overall level of passenger cars can achieve qualitative leap and progress. .

In general, the reasons for holding the “China Bus Safety Technology Application Dialogue” can be summarized as the following four points:

First of all, in view of the impact of the overall economic environment in 2017, the actual situation of the market situation and the market is not very optimistic and its many problems have caused a lot of attention in the whole industry.

Secondly, the improvement of passenger car safety standards, the health of the industry for the passenger car industry, its significance is self-evident. Promoting the improvement of passenger car safety technology and promoting major changes and upgrades in the passenger car industry are of great value to the entire industry.

Thirdly, with the release of passenger car safety standards, the further improvement of the safety performance of transportation equipment is conducive to the development of road passenger transportation and urban public transportation in China; it encourages the technological innovation of parts manufacturing enterprises, accelerates the upgrading of products, and realizes industrial upgrading. The role of positive promotion.

Finally, in recent years, the development of automotive intelligent technology in developed countries has flourished. Smart cars and driverless cars have gradually gained industry consensus in ensuring road traffic safety. Compared with their incomparable advantages, China is in regulation, standards, and complete vehicles. In terms of technical standards for public transportation and bus parts, there are still room for further improvement and improvement of China's passenger car safety standards.

In recent years, China's bus industry has been developing steadily and healthily. New technologies and new products have been put on the market continuously. In the entire automotive industry, independent intellectual property rights and R&D independent brands have been realized. I hope that in the future, our bus industry will be able to further develop safety technology and achieve new breakthroughs.

Therefore, we are organizing this dialogue activity, mainly to use this platform to play the role of “bringing bricks and attracting jade” and create a platform for the whole industry to fully communicate freely. I hope that this will bring some good results to the passenger market in 2018. Suggestions and guidance to stimulate some useful ideas; jointly discuss industry safety plans, discuss industry issues, and look forward to the industry's beauty and share industry results.

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