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FTH-PCQ-007 model is a self-developed glass breaking device using military electronic control technology, anti-electromagnetic/pulse interference technology, packaging technology, temperature adaptation technology, high-energy long-term power supply technology and electromagnetic push-pull technology and anti-vibration technology.
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1. Video Description

2. Product Introduction

FTH-PCQ-007 model is a self-developed glass breaking device that using military electronic control technology, include the capability of anti-electromagnetic, pulse interference , temperature adaptation, high-energy long-term power supply ,electromagnetic push-pull technology and anti-vibration. The device has the function of instantaneous breaking (within 0.3s) to makes a large space for rapid escape, and has the characteristics of reliable function, simple use, simple maintenance, easy installation, no influence on appearance and structure, low cost, easy batch production and so on.

3. Product Parameter (specification)



Model Number





DC 24V


Bus, Passenger transport, School bus, High-speed rail, Subway

Four-way broken window current


Alarm sound battery life

1-2 years

Normal detection current



1 year

Power cord requirement(mm²)


Applicable broken glass thickness

Single layer 5~8mm

Electric shock force (KG)

3.5KG or more




Shenzhen, Hongkong, Shanghai , Beijing, Ningbo , any port of China

4. Product application and feature 

Applicable for Bus, Passenger, High-speed rail; Alarm prompt to avoid mistakenly touch; The driver keep one key press to breaking several windows ; the passengers can use one knock to break the window; It has an intelligent self-blasting system function when the car in distress. It is a new energy without gunpowder, which is the global original.

Product feature

1. This device consists of four parts: driver switch, main control box, window breaker and whole vehicle wiring harness.
2. The driver can make several windows broken by one button, the passenger can break the glass with one shot, and the tempered glass can be broken within 8mm.
3. Fire rating material is meet the standard of UL94_V0.
4. Various ways to break the window at the same time, safe and reliable.
5. Red indicator light available for check the function easily.
6. New energy without gunpowder.
7. Can be reused, and ensure perfectly safe to breaking the window.

5. Product details

Front view


Side view


Master control


System composition


6. Matters needing attention

1). When the power supply fails on the bus, passengers can turn over the protective device and knock the window directly to escape.

2). The selection of power supply should meet the requirements in the form.

Product power supply

DC 24V

4CH broken window current(A)


3). In addition, each window breaker has a red indicator. If the indicator lights up, it means that the window breaker is in an effective working state and the line is normal.

4). The window breaker has alarm and protection function. When the protective cover is opened, it will cause high decibel alarm.

5). Window breaker alarm is battery-powered, so in order to ensure that the alarm function is sustainable and effective, it is necessary to check the battery power (it is recommended to replace the battery every 1.5-2 years) to see if the battery is effective. If the protective cover is opened, the alarm sound is loud, indicating normal, if the alarm sound is weak, it means that the battery needs to be replaced.

7. FAQ

Q1: Can you do OEM?
A: We accept all OEM orders

Q2:What's your port?

A:Shenzhen, Hongkong, Shanghai , Beijing, Ningbo , any port of China

Q3:Does the product have an export certification?

A:Yes, our products have certifications of FCC, CE, ROSH.

Q4.what’s the payment methods you can accept ?

A:We can only use T/T. The bank information will be written in the PI. We can’t use Western Union and Paypal.

Q5:What’s your shipping method ?

A:UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT or Shipping by Air or by sea

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