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The product subverts the traditional bus safety hammer, adopts a new design concept, and fixes the "1 second escape device" on the glass. The core part adopts hard special materials, and uses the mechanics principle. When hammering, the whole body strength is fixed and concentrated at one point.
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1. Product Introduction

This product is subvert the traditional safety hammer. It is using a new design concept  "One second escape device".  The core part make use of hard special materials that fixed the strength on a point , and according to the mechanical principles to condensate the power of 2.0kg breaking the window. Thus,  solving the problem that traditional safety hammer repeatedly hit with poor effect of break windows.

2. Product Parameter (specification)



Model Number


Product color

Optional (white + red, red + yellow)

Appearance material


Strike strength


Broken glass thickness

Single layer 5~8mm

Alarm sounds

Above 95 decibels

Battery life

1-2 years

Service life

More than 5 years

Product size

88mm * 84mm * 37mm

Product weight


Operating temperature

-40℃ - 85℃




Shenzhen, Hongkong , Shanghai , Beijing, Ningbo, any port of China

3. Product application and feature

Suitable for buses, passenger cars, school buses, private cars, trains, etc.

Product feature:

1). Save lives in fast and accurate.

2). Break the window in short of time, escape instantly.

3). Broken windows zero error.

4). Easy to install, loss prevention.

5). Automatic alarm, broken windows safety.

4. Product details

Front view


Side view

Size diagram


Structure diagram


5. Success case

Some bus companies currently using this product in China:

Beijing Tongzhou Bus, Shanghai Bus, Guangzhou Bus, Shenzhen East Bus, Hebei Shijiazhuang Bus, Shaanxi Tongchuan Bus, Shaanxi Weinan Bus, Liaoning Bus, Guangdong Dongguan Bus, Zhuhai Guangtong Bus, Henan Yutong Manufacturing Plant, Zhongbo Bus Manufacturing Plant, Jiangxi Southwest Chang Airport, Qingdao Transport Group, Shenlong Bus Changsha BYD, Hangzhou BYD, Nanjing BYD, Chengde BYD, Qingdao BYD, Wuhan BYD, Chongqing Bus, Yunnan Kunming Bus, Kunming High-speed Passenger Transport, etc.

6. FAQ

Q1:Does the product have anti-accidental-touch settings?

A:Yes, Before using the product, you need to open the transparent anti-touch buzzer alarm cover.

Q2.what’s the payment methods you can accept ?

A:We can use T/T, Western Union and Paypal.

Q3:What’s your shipping method ?

A:UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT or Shipping by Air or by sea

Q4:Could we can do OEM ?

A:We offer OEM services.

Q5:Can this be used in private cars?

A:Yes,Suitable for buses, passenger cars, school buses, private cars, trains, etc.

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